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About Porn Explosion

About Porn Explosion

Remember when there was one TV show worth watching a year? One good video game or comic? One high quality porn vid? The internet has facilitated an explosion of creative content of all types, and porn is no exception. These days porn is a multi-billion dollar industry. Cheap recording equipment and ecommerce have allowed thousands of new and exciting niche porn producers to thrive.

But how do you sort through this mass of new content? How do you know - before you spend money - whether the content is really worth it? How do you know which porn sites are truly right for you? Easy - you turn to the Porn Explosion. We’re the experts in online porno, from the small niche fetish sites to the most popular studios in the world. We cover amateurs and old pros, BDSM orgies and sensual humping, hentai and virtual reality. If it’s a website that might help get you off, we’ve visited and reviewed it.

The Modern Porn Landscape

Just like everything else these days, porn is made live, on-demand, to your specifications, and delivered online. Why own a physical porn movie stashed in the back of your closet? Throw those out with your Ricky Martin CDs and stream your porno, just like you do with your music and TV shows. These days there’s a website or platform that will pique everyone’s interest. Yeah, even you, pervert.

There’s also an abundance of high-quality porn that breaks away from the cliches you’re used to. In fact, the majority of the porn business isn’t films anymore - it’s live sex. Girls, guys, or couples getting down in front of HD cams that stream the action live to you. Or if you do prefer recorded porn, it now comes in every variety. And if you haven’t seen a big-budget studio porno in a while, you will be amazed at the quality. Modern film-quality digital recording equipment has come to the porn world, so you can watch sex as high def as your screen can display it.

High-Quality Porn Reviews

With the modern abundance of erotica you’ll need some help finding the best content at the price you want to pay. That’s why we’re here. Our expert reviewers pore through every feature, price point, special promotion, 2-hour gangabang video, and live cam until we can make an informed and fair judgement on the service. You may find other “Porn Reviews” online, but these are generally low-effort attempts to market bad porn. Here at Porn Explosion we pride ourselves on a customer-first approach to reviews. We clearly state our recommendations and opinions. When a site is awful, we have no problem saying so. What we care about most is that you get the experience you want at the price you want to pay. We believe you deserve the best in erotica and want to help you find it.

Find Your Niche

One of the best things about human sexuality is how strange it can be. People are into all sorts of different things! And if you think you’re the only weirdo who likes getting off to X more than anything else... you’re not alone. In fact, there is probably a whole ecosystem of niche sites devoted to serving your particular perversion. At Porn Explosion we organize our reviews by porn category, so you know where to find what gets you off. And if you just want top general recommendations, we have those too.

Porn Explosion Survey

If you want our help finding a site or service that’s right for you, try taking our quick and explicit survey. You’ll be shown pairs of hot clips, and pick your favorite. We’ll also ask you about your interests and price point. Then, using your preferences, our survey calculates the porn site for you.

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If you think we’re missing a great website, let us know. If you run a site you’d like us to review, drop us a line. If you think we’re doing everything great or everything terribly, we want to hear from you. Please send us an email here.