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Shooshtime is an interesting free site – a bit of a mix of a place where users can post their own content of sexy amateur girls and sex tapes, with a bit of free porn tube indexing as well. So, there’s original content, as well as linked content from some third-party tube sites. The linked content isn’t really indexed in the traditional sense, as it’s not searchable through the search box or discoverable through the categories on the site. Rather, it’s more promotional in nature, filling out the “timeline” style presentation of the latest added videos, and likely serving merely to generate revenue by click-throughs to external sites. Original/user-submitted content is viewed directly on the site, while externally-indexed content bounces you out to the origin tube site to watch.

The site is a stand-alone and not part of any network. Largely due to the original/amateur user-submitted content, it has a surprisingly high Alexa ranking, placing in the top 4,000 sites globally by traffic, and in the top 2,000 in the US.

Shooshtime Content

Shooshtime has several types of content on the site, including:

  • User-submitted amateur/sex tape style content of varying quality and categories
  • Indexed content from free porn tube sites around the web
    • Note that this is mostly promotional in nature. While the videos are legit and viewable, they aren’t indexed on the site in the traditional sense. They don’t get categorized or archived on the site, so there’s no way to find them except by scrolling through pages of the “timeline” style presentation of the latest videos.
  • Galleries of user-submitted images
  • Galleries of celebrity nude leaks, movie stills, and some fakes
  • A pornstar index featuring many of the most popular pornstars today, which allows you to view all indexed videos featuring those pornstars
  • Some videos that are random, funny, or weird, and not necessarily porn or even adults-only-themed, though much of this content seems to be from the earlier days of the site and the web in general, with most of the newer content from the past decade being porn

All of the user-submitted content is viewed within a video player on the site. External content, when selected, opens at the source site in a new tab or window.

The site doesn’t include an index of how many user-submitted videos or externally indexed videos they have. However, a quick estimate on the original, user-submitted content puts the video total somewhere around 58,000 dating back to 1999. Interestingly, the videos that they index from

Shooshtime Videos

Shooshtime Categories

The site’s original, user-submitted content falls into one of 48 categories. Most are porn-related, though a few are more weird, funny, gory, or similar. Within the porn content, there’s a good mix of categories. Since most of the content is user-submitted, with a tiny minority coming from outside sites, the site is heavy on traditional guy/girl sex, amateur sex, blowjobs, college, teens, and so on. Traditional categories that are more studio-heavy, such as lesbian, have a relatively small proportion of videos (in the case of the lesbian category, only 80 videos out of over 58,000, or about 0.1%).

With that said, if you’re looking for real amateur sex content, there’s a ton of it here, of varying qualities, lengths, and so on. New content is added every day by users, with around 10-15 new videos per day most days.

Star Power

External content sometimes features big-name pornstars, and there are a few videos with pornstars on the site. However, by and large, this is an amateur content site, so if you’re looking for studio productions and top starlets, there are many better places to look.


Shooshtime is a stand-alone site, and not part of any network. While they are not affiliated with any particular tube site or studios, they do have content partners from which they source some of their videos, as mentioned above.


The site is totally free to browse. You can also register to submit your own content.

The Money Shot

If you like amateur content, then Shooshtime is worth checking out. The user-submitted content, often phone-shot or of questionable quality, definitely has a certain appeal. However, if you’re looking for a real index site or porn tube search engine, there are plenty of better options. And for studio/professional content, there are other places you should look. At the same time, nearly 60k amateur videos that might not be posted to many other sites, if any at all, definitely might provide you with some new spank bank material.

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