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PornHD.com is a large free tube site that offers a wide selection of professional porn videos to tickle your fancy. They offer a large selection of tagged content with categories you’d expect, like lesbian, stepsister, and more. You’ll also find a curated list of porn stars and related videos to wet your whistle to.

PornHD Content

There is plenty of content on PornHD.com to satisfy even the most perverse porn consumer. Content is sorted and categorized in a variety of ways, including a list of categories (think Asian, ebony, lesbian, etc) a list of tags that can be perused for something more niche or specific, or, if you’re looking for a pornstar, in particular, there is a thorough list of performers who have videos on the site. Videos can also be sorted by most favorited, most viewed, most recent, and longest.

Not to leave without apt choice, the site also offers channels of porn studios, should your fleshly flavor lean towards a specific producer. Literally, dozens of channels are offered, from names you may be familiar with, such as Brazzers, to studios with less name recognition but, nonetheless, quality movies.

Despite the name, not all content is HD. However, the video exclusives to the site (which can be found under the “exclusives” tab) do offer a considerable library of true, 1080p HD content. However, if you want to view it in 1080p HD, you’ll need to subscribe to the site.

There aren’t any real paywalls to speak of (though there is a subscription option which will be discussed below). The ad experience is a bit annoying, with several web page pop-ups encountered during our review, but not unreasonable for a free site.

PornHD.com offers the ability to create an account, which was a pain-free experience. Features are limited, but an account does allow you to save favorite videos and download videos for offline debauchery.

Aside from videos, porn star library, and studio channels, pornhd.com doesn’t offer anything outside the norm of a typical free tube site.

PornHD Categories

As noted, there are a ton of categories to choose from, including both mainstream and more niche options. Lesbian, teen, and huge tits are categories, but so are femdom, parody, first time, and even selfie.

This is outside of the tagging, which can be searched for and a limited list is present at the top of the homepage above the featured videos. Some of the tags are repeats of the categories, and others are more specific, including pornstar names, studio names, “wow girls,” and others. The categorization seems to be accurate (ebony brings up videos features black pornstars, lesbian brings up videos with...lesbians), so feel free to browse categories for something old or something new. Categories are also clearly laid out and easy to read and can be sorted by most popular, alphabetical, or most recent. An interesting category that is entirely absent from the site is any porn with trans performers.

Beyond categories, channels can also be searched. The channels tab can be found at the top of the homepage and will immediately take you to an absolutely balls-huge list of channels. They range anywhere from movie studios to pornstars that have dedicated channels (likely performers that produce their own videos). As with categories, this list can also be sorted by most popular, alphabetical, or most recent.

PornHD Videos

Star Power

PornHD.com dedicates an entire tab for browsing performers. After clicking the pornstar tab, you’ll immediately see a list of performers that appear on the site which can be organized by most videos, most popular performer, and alphabetical.

You are also given the option to filter performers by a variety of qualities, including sex, age, hair color, body type, nationality. This filter, however, doesn’t appear to work. For example, ebony brings up actresses of all races, as do some of the other options. Some, like oriental, do bring up seemingly correct actresses but is a horrible fucking way to describe those actresses (i.e. your racist grandpa wouldn’t see a problem with this), but “Asian” as a separate filter and brings up a different set of performers than oriental. “Russian” is also a separate filter option from Asian, and also brings up a different set (even though they’re the same fucking place) and between the three of them we can’t figure out why the separate options even exist, let alone why they don’t work.

And, as the site doesn’t seem to offer a category or tags for trans performers, so to does the filter option only allow for male or female selections. The option to browse available performers is great, but the construction of the filtering option seems really half-assed.


PornHD.com appears to owned by Sun Media Limited but appears to not be officially associated with any other site. There are several partner links on the site, including GotPorn, Pornrox, Pinflix, and Metaporn, which all appear to serve a different niche interest.


The only subscription option is for access to true HD content (despite the name, most of the content is not HD). However, they aren’t assholes trying to trick you into spending money; costs are clearly laid out. You can do a 2 day trial for $2.99 (which converts into a month’s costs after the trial is up), you can have a recurring monthly charge of $9.99, or you can pay a one time charge of $59.40 for the year that is not recurring.

The Money Shot

PornHD.com offers a great selection of professional porn videos that satiate your desire to spank. Videos are categorized very well, the tags and search function...well...function as they should, and the ability to browse studio channels is a nice way to get acquainted with professional studios that you may otherwise have been missing out on. That being said, there are still some things left to be desired. The porn star filter option is absolute ass. It doesn’t work, and even if it did work, the categories are confusing and bad. You’re far better off using the simple categorization options of the most popular performer or performer with the most videos.

It’s a little annoying that a free tube site with HD in their name doesn’t offer consistent free HD content and regularly attempts to funnel you towards spending money. However, they are honest and upfront about their costs, which are relatively reasonable if you are desperate for true HD porn.

Overall, the site is worth your visit, especially if professional porn gets ya going. Feel free to take the site out for a spin. Just don’t do anything we would do.

Site Stats

HD Videos Yes
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