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Daftsex - Daftsex.com

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Daftsex.com is a free streaming porn tube site offering the usual sampling of adult media. It presents with a simple, nearly minimalist layout, with search bar, category and porn star links followed by all the good stuff. By the numbers, Daftsex.com saw 22.82 million views in 11/2019, making it the 1,511 overall ranked website, 1,433 in the US and 121 in Adult. The majority of the viewership is in the US with India and Brazil trailing behind in distant second and third spots, which is kind of strange when you see the large amount of Russian content, links and affiliations. Nearly every video title on the main page includes both English and Cyrillic text, and the share options include the Russian social media network VK or Vkontakte. The email provided on the “contact us” page has a .ua ending, making it a Ukrainian web address. The site is registered through a proxy and does not appear to have any major brand sponsorship or affiliation outside of a banner ad at the top of all videos advertising Brazzers memberships.

Daftsex Content

Daftsex offers the usual selection of streaming porn content found on similar competing sites, mostly videos from major studio and pay sites like Brazzers, Reality Kings, MOFOS.com, etc. It's unclear how much of this media is user-submitted as I could not find any way to actually submit content, while almost the entirety of this site seems ripped straight from big name sites. I explored the Amateur tag, but none of the media remotely resembles amateur content and is clearly from studio sites. Even at the end of all my browsing and research, I couldn't really ascertain where all this media is coming from, and I think that's gotta be a red flag.

One of the most obvious issues with this site jumps out at you almost immediately, and continues to do so again and again throughout your stay. I'm talking about ads here, oceans of ads. The first time I loaded up the page, the entire page was an invisible link to a pop up ad. The same thing happens the first time you click the play and pause buttons. And these are the nasty kinds of ads too, the one's that look like they're downloading media extensions and other shady shit that just looks like obvious VIRUS.EXE links. The FAQ at the bottom of the page notes that creating an account limits the number of advertisements, and I did notice my browsing getting a bit more streamlined after registering.

I couldn't really get a hard count or good estimate of the number of videos on the site as it displays the 30 or so newest videos and will load the next 20-30 once you scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “show more” button. There's also no preview to speak of when you mouseover video links, which is just archaic in this day and age. The search bar includes a random button, which seems to jump through the available categories and tags. The first time I clicked it, my results were for “The Fight”, which did not include a single pornographic result. It did, however, bring up an episode of The Super Mario Brothers Super Show, which was absolutely surreal to watch while that animated hardcore Brazzers ad of Adriana Chechik getting caught by airport security with a butt plug in runs off to the side. The rest of the results were suspicious rips of pay-per-view boxing and UFC matches, fight scenes from Kung Fu movies, and an episode of the newest TMNT cartoon. Again, I want to point out that NONE of these results were porn. I followed this stream a bit further and just started putting in movie and show titles to see what other rips would pop up. The Land Before Time is on here, along with most of it's many direct-to-video sequels. There's a lot of Steven Universe and Duck Tales episodes, with Russian dubbing, I think. This site is bizarre.

The media player, aside from being another source of unwanted spam, functions adequately, but really has no impressive features other than a link to a Google Chrome extension I am not about to click on. Video pages give very basic view counts and likes, but otherwise provide minimal details. There's no listing of who uploaded the video and almost always no comments. I did not find a video with a comment on it at any point during my browsing.

Daftsex Categories

Daftsex.com lists 32 categories, which is a bit on the anemic side when compared with competing streaming sites. They offer the usual Big Tits, Big Ass, MILF, Teen and Lesbian options. This is also where the gay and transsexual material is organized, too, meaning there's no further organization or categories within those genres. There's no particularly wacky or strange category choices, they're all very generic. There's also no raw video counts or stats for each category, again limiting the ability to see how much media is actually being hosted here. Videos within categories can be sorted by HD, duration, date uploaded and relevance.

Star Power

Daftsex.com hosts a listing of 10,942 porn stars, which is enormous when compared to competing streaming sites, and even more so when compared to the overall starkness of the rest of this site. Models are listed by popularity and more or less mirror their rankings on Pornhub, which means there's plenty of content featuring big name stars like Lana Rhodes, Mia Khalifa, Lisa Ann and Riley Reid. I did some digging and found some of my favorite yesteryear performers like Letha Weapons, Hyapatia Lee and Asia Carrera, each with a solid body of work featured. Performers can also by further sorted by gender (Male, Female and M2F are the options available), ethnicity, hair color, cup size and age range. Overall, this is the first section to really impress me with both the quality and quantity of content available.


Daftsex does not appear to have any sort of network affiliation and links to no sister sites.


Subscription options on Daftsex are very simple, they aren't interested in providing expansive Facebook-style profiles and accounts for users. Member options are basically view favorites, change password and log out. You can also leave comments on videos, but you may well be the first person to do so as there is no community to speak of. The FAQ also states that members will receive fewer ads, and I did notice a significant decline in the amount of suspicious pop-ups and redirects, but I want to make it clear that it's only fewer ads, not ad-free, so you'll still be closing plenty of junk windows for weird Hentai games.

The Money Shot

Daftsex rubbed me the wrong way almost immediately with the amount of ads, popups and obviously shady links that constantly followed me throughout my browsing. The whole site is designed to launch an ad window the first time you click anywhere on the screen, along with the first time you select a video, the first time you press play, the first time you press pause, etc. That alone is enough for me to call it quits here. The enormous porn star listing is extensive and has all my favorites, but that's hardly enough to make slogging through the constant onslaught of junk links and popups. There's plenty of great sites out there, but Daftsex isn't one of them. Move along.

Site Stats

HD Videos Yes
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