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We’ve all been there. Sitting at home, browsing Facebook.com, when suddenly you’re struck with the thought of “Man...I sure wish people were postin’ their pussies and titties on here instead of these goddamn quizzes.” Though it may seem but a distant dream, behold! As a wish being granted by a genie, so too has Fuckbook.com.com come to satisfy all of your x-rated social media demands. Instead, however, of friending people with the intent of...well...being friends, Fuckbook.com.com stays true to its name and attempts to connect you with those who desire more tantalizing desires. Like fucking.

Fuckbook Overview

Fuckbook.com.com, as the name suggests, attempts to recreate the experience of Facebook.com.com but with an emphasis on sexual content and casual sex. Upon navigating to the site, you’ll immediately be prompted to create an account, which was more than easy enough. You’ll have options to upload a profile picture, enter a brief biography of yourself, and make sure that your desired location is correct (Fuckbook.com.com is going to try to socialize with people that are closer to you.)

Once an account is created and a profile is filled, you’ll be brought to a “newsfeed” of sorts that looks surprisingly familiar. They really do a decent job at making the site look and feel like Facebook.com. However, the differences become immediate as you’ll more than likely be met with some variation of nudity at the top of your feed.

Since the point is to hook-up with other users, you can search for users in your relative vicinity as well as matches the site itself as made for you. However, before you get a chance to browse, you’ll likely immediately begin receiving messages. Don’t get too excited though, there are a couple of different reasons for this and it’s not because you’re particularly sexy. The site uses a system called “icebreaker” messages, which means if Fuckbook.com decides that there is someone that you should be interacting with, they’ll send a message on your behalf to the user. The messages are clearly marked as icebreaker messages if you’re a premium user.

Otherwise, any direct messaging is blocked by free-users, as is commenting on anything on the newsfeed. In fact, the only way you can interact with users for free is by sending and receiving friend requests. If you’re looking to enjoy this site without a credit card, you’re in for a rude awakening.

A common problem with casual dating sites like Fuckbook.com is the sheer amount of bots or otherwise fake profiles. Fuckbook.com seemingly attempts to combat this by use of a “karma” system for its users. The more you use the site and interact with other users, the higher your karma rating gets. If you, say, create a profile and never use it again, your karma score will be nil. A nice feature to attempt to weed out a lot of the spam and scams similar sites.

Aside from the social media aspect of Fuckbook.com, they also offer a branded cam site as well as links to a couple of other affiliate partners.


If you plan on doing anything on Fuckbook.com besides browsing, you’re going to want a subscription. Thankfully, their subscription options are pretty straightforward:

  • 1-month premium membership billed at $29.95 a month
  • 3-month premium membership billed at $44.95 every 3 months

If you use the site and enjoy it, the quarterly option is clearly the best choice. There doesn’t appear to be any other features or options that require payment (aside from affiliate sites and the branded cam site, of course), so you only have to worry about paying once to really get the full feel of the site.

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Navigating through Fuckbook

Navigating through Fuckbook.com is easy, especially if you’re used to using Facebook.com on its desktop platform. The first page you see is the aforementioned naughty newsfeed, which can be scrolled through as you’d expect. On the righthand side, you’ll see a messaging menu with suggested contacts (and friends once you start meeting people). If a user sends you a message, a box will pop up at the bottom of the webpage.

You can click on either users with whom you’re messaging or click on names that pop up in your newsfeed to visit their profile. Profiles will include any uploaded pictures, biography, status updates (like Facebook.com), and several other miscellaneous options.

At the top of the webpage are “search” and “match” tab options, which allow you to search for users in your vicinity or view potential matches that the site thinks you would enjoy. On the left-hand side of the page, you’ll have a traditional triple-line menu that pulls out another means to navigate to places like messages and friend requests, as well as the option to see who has looked at your profile and links to affiliate sites. Of course, this is one of many places where you can upgrade to a premium account.

All in all, the site is very easy to navigate. Though interaction with users is pay-walled, it’s nice to be able to explore most of the site before dedicating cold-hard cash to the experience.


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2014 YNOT Best Newcomer of the Year

The Money Shot

Fuckbook.com.com is a surprisingly good site. It is extremely easy to use and navigate, the design looks great, and the subscription option is very straightforward with honest billing. Even from a free account, we could tell there were at least some real users on the site, with a few even having detailed profiles.

The big question, however, is will you get laid from the site? Hard to tell, honestly. First, you need to be following the two most important rules of casual dating: 1. Be attractive and 2. Don’t be not attractive. Even with that, especially if you’re looking for female interaction, you’re going to be but a small voice in an enormous pool of dudes looking to get their dick wet.

We can verify whether or not the site will successfully get you a solid fuck, but we can confidently say that it’s a least a quality casual dating site that isn’t going to fuck your wallet too hard. If casual dating sites are your thing, Fuckbook.com.com is a quality one. Good luck and happy hunting.

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