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SpicyBigButt Review - spicybigbutt.com

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SpicyBigButt, or more specifically, spicybigbutt.com/en/, is a free streaming porn tube site. It offers hundreds of thousands of videos and clips, but it's not all as great as that sounds, we'll talk about that in a minute.

By the numbers, SpicyBigButt is the 16,245th most trafficked site on the internet, number 4,136 in the US and 1,248 in the Adult category. We are very far from home and very deep down the Adult rabbit hole. It pulled 3.47 million hits in 12/2019, and that is honestly staggering considering how out of the way it is, with no actual affiliation with large studio or content sites like Brazzers or PornHub. 35.4% of the viewership is from the US, which is about 3 times the average, which is another thing that struck me as odd about this weird site. Let's get into it.

SpicyBigButt Content

We have it listed in the 'Anal Sites' category here, so I guess I'll be reviewing SpicyBigButt by that criteria. Before I get to into this, I do need to give credit to the site's name because it makes me laugh every time I see it and we have to enjoy these little moments in life because it's all pretty downhill from here.

The page design is ugly. The logo is ugly. It's just some wingding spheres mushed together in a butt shape with a clip art chili pepper in the middle followed by “Spicy Big Butt” in undecorated 36pt white Times New Roman Font. I have zero graphic design skills or experience, but I could make this logo in under 30 minutes. It is the most disinterested logo for a porn site I have ever seen.

The home page immediately throws you into their categories listing, and the sorting options are just confusing. There are two toggles, one for Popular/Latest and the other for All/Long and all I really gathered from clicking on these a few times is that you can see 4 different video spreads on the main page. There's only 4 buttons on the home tab, All New, All Popular, Big tits tube and Ebony tube. All New and All Popular are two of the 4 pages we get when we mess with the sorting toggles, and the other two links leave the site. Let's move on.

I click a preview image and get sent into the category listing where we at least start to get some more data on what all is here. We get some video links with run time, title, upload date, host site, and tags. There's no preview on mouseover at all, which is another place I'm going to dock some points here because that's just unacceptable in this day and age. I click the top video and it launches me over to a YouPorn.com page with 3000 views – oh no! This is an aggregate site! I bounce back to the home page and suddenly I catch on – there's no ads. That's why this site looks so empty and dead. It's not just the lousy design, it's also the complete lack of hardcore ads screaming at you. No Brazzers animated .GIF links of Adriana Chechik at the airport, no penis pills, no fuck grandmas hookup sites. And in their place? Hollow silence. It's a bit chilling.

The next link takes me to Xhamster, where the first things to load are animated ads for off-brand Viagra and a game featuring an animated real doll walking in place with the headline YOU WON'T LAST 4 MINUTES PLAYING THIS [Emoji Squirt][Emoji Eggplant]. The video starts with a commercial for those dick pills and shoots me to another popup when I click the Skip Ad button. We're home again.

SpicyBigButt Videos

SpicyBigButt Categories

The main page dumps you at the Popular Categories listing with some preview images that are nominally related to the category title. Each image also includes a string of numbers, but I'm not exactly sure what they are. Page views? Videos? Who knows!

There's all the usual categories you'd expect, like Big Ass, Latina, Ebony, BBW, Stepmom, Squirt, MILF, with 120 total categories, but they seem to be more of the most popular tags. There's some weirder ones, like a category called “Penis”, one for Cousins, one specifically for Creampie Compilations, and other specifics and niches. Scroll ¾ the way down the page and you'll find a full alphabetized listing of all the categories/tags, followed by both a category-style display and full listing of just other porn sites. This page feels like it was designed by an alien.

Star Power

There's no model or porn star listing to speak of. You can search for specifics by name and find big name stars, but it's a crap shoot to see what you'll get. I searched Lisa Ann and the first video definitely does not have her in it and links to a PornHub video with 3000 views. Same thing with Romi Rain. Same thing with Riley Reid. A jumble of videos where 1 in 5 is in no way related to your search. I plugged in some up and coming and yesteryear stars and they managed to have at least a few videos for just about anyone I could think of. I guess that's pretty OK, but hardly a standout feature.


SpicyBigButt is essentially a stand-alone studio and site.

There are two links at the top of the main page, which link to Big Tits Tube and Ebony Tube. Big Tits Tube takes you to SpicyBigTits, which looks like this site from an alternate universe where everything is about 10% less shitty. The other one goes to EbonyPulse.tv, which gives a similar impression. So technically it's in a network. I have no desire to look at either of these sites. I just want to get this over with at this point. There's also links at the bottom of the main page for 100 other tube sites that are probably also aggregates that I don't want anything to do with.


I can't find any sort of profile or subscription option, which just makes this place feel even sketchier and empty. But there's really not much of a point, since all it does is redirect you to better sites. A better idea is to just go back to PornHub and stay there.

The Money Shot

I can't think of any reason to recommend SpicyBigButt. It's a shitty aggregate site that links you to barely viewed videos at the bottom of the PornHub, Xhamster and YouPorn slush pile. I spent my whole time on this site wondering if it exists as a means of inflating page views for these videos and sites, I basically felt like I was doing a bot's job. Along with that, it's an ugly site with garbage organization and layout. Everything here just feels sketchy and lazy. Zero stars.

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